Healthcare Horizons: Tackling The Top 5 Challenges In India

India faces significant healthcare challenges, with growing medical costs, population growth, and the potential to become the world’s most populous nation in the next decade. According to the Willis Survey, medical inflation could reach 10.50% in 2019. Beyond these concerns, Indian healthcare grapples with additional issues. Discover the top 5 healthcare challenges in India by reading on.

Health Care Costs

Unpredictable medical costs in India push people into poverty, making it difficult to escape due to depleted savings and massive debt. The World Health Organization has chosen Universal Health Coverage as this year’s World Health Day theme to address the challenge of equal access to health services.

  1. Preventive Care

Whenever a health problem arises, home remedies are frequently tried first. Although home remedies may work well for minor issues, they may cause more harm when immediate medical attention is needed. Additionally, relying solely on the articles and videos readily available online can be harmful.

  1. Infrastructure In Rural Areas

When it comes to healthcare infrastructure, there is a significant gap between urban and rural areas. Network hospitals, pharmacies, doctors, and other healthcare facilities are concentrated in urban areas, while rural regions receive little medical care. In India, only one government hospital bed is available for every 2000 people due to the extremely concerning rural infrastructure.

  1. Welfare For Public

While the government initiates welfare programs and subsidies, questions arise about their adequacy for the expanding population. Concerns include the availability of qualified medical professionals and the utilisation of technology to raise awareness of preventive measures in rural areas.

  1. Limited Coverage By Medical Insurance

India is among the countries with the lowest per capita healthcare expenditures worldwide. According to a Forbes article, over 75% of Indians do not have individual health insurance. When medical problems arise, and no medical insurance cushions the blow, savings run out before they can be addressed.

  1. Interlinked Problems

The points above make clear that India’s primary healthcare issues are connected. More than resolving one or two problems will be required. It is necessary to implement a strategic level change to address each issue. The development of digital infrastructure may be a significant factor in stepping up efforts to find a way past these enormous obstacles. One way to view digitisation as an enabler that can help India overcome significant healthcare obstacles.

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